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Construction Carpenter Foreman


The Construction Carpenter Foreman directs the day-to-day activities of carpenters, laborers and technician to meet short and long-term project schedule milestones. The Foreman ensures work is compliant with the contract documents and the Company’s quality standards. 


An overall description of the Irreno Construction Foreman’s role is to implement and maintain control workforce matters. Other major duties include:

  1. Review and be familiar with contract documents, specifications, shop drawings, and submittals. Irreno Construction Carpentry Foremen shall maintain a thorough understanding of contract documents and ensure that all tasks associated with rough carpentry, finish carpentry and finishes are performed in accordance with contractual and quality standards. 

  2. Establish and enforce quality control practices that meet industry and Company standards.

  3. Working with superintendents, project management team and workforces to meet daily, short and long-term schedule milestones. 

  4. Direct daily efforts to maintain job sites clean and safe. 

  5. Complete daily administrative documents such as timecards and field reports. 

  6. Lead the material takeoff effort and procure material supplies and equipment associated rough carpentry, finish carpentry and finishes tasks. 

  7. Participating in training and other forms of development to strengthen technical, safety, and supervisory skills. 



Basic qualifications for candidates include:

  1. 7+ Years of construction industry experience and experience overseeing projects as a Commercial Carpenter. 

  2. Ability to perform physical labor in, including lifting of carpentry building materials. 

  3. Ability to read and understand technical specifications, blueprints, technical manuals, product/material installation instructions and engineering/architectural drawings.

  4. Understanding construction methodology and sequencing associated with miscellaneous concrete work, rough and finish carpentry. wall and ceiling framing and hanging, and finish painting. 

  5. Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.

  6. Experience with construction projects, building materials or working with craft workers.


Irreno Construction will train qualified candidates to develop:

  1. General knowledge of safety regulations, local and state building codes, environmental codes, availability of industry-specific codes and guidelines.

  2. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, Procore and tablet use. 



Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, United States



Full-Time (Regular)

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