Here at ICCI, we provide many services, inclusive of pre-construction / budgetary services, making it easy for any Owner to have a realistic idea of costs associated with their unique projects. Located in the heart of Georgetown, Washington, D.C., Irreno Construction Company is local to many of the clients we work with and also have the capacity to work on sites beyond the capital district.

Electrical Inspectors

Our Services

General Contracting

Irreno Construction Company has over 35 years of construction experience. Through this experience we have developed strong vendor and sub contractor relationships that assure our ability to continue to receive and provide competitive pricing.

Construction Management

With Irreno Construction Services, you have the ability to hire construction professionals you can depend on. We have the knowledge and experience to manage some of the most challenging of construction projects.

Preconstruction Services

Irreno Construction Company can be involved as early as schematic and conceptual design. We can determine feasibility and constructability early on to prepare vital budgetary information.


Irreno Construction Company has relationships with design teams across the tri-state area. With nearly 40 years of experience in the construction industry, we’ve not only crossed paths but have successfully completed an array of with top level architects and engineers.

24 Hour Emergency Service

While a limited service offered by GCs in the area, Irreno Construction Company offers a 24-hr on call option for all of your emergency service needs with a guaranteed 24-hr response time. Try us!

Facility Maintenance

Irreno Construction Company not only builds, we also assist with the ongoing maintenance associated with many of your building needs. From new filters to sophisticated mechanical attention, we have the capacity to fulfill any range of maintenance task order.